Short documentaries

A range of short documentaries on political and social issues can be found here. Most are made entirely by Dr Lee Salter and some with collaborators.

A Short Film about Money was made off the cuff during the filming of Secret City. Michael Chanan turned the camera to Salter and asked without noticed “what is money?” His Lee’s fumbled answer became the precursor to Money Puzzles.

Similar to A Short Film about Money, Lila: big fat ugly giant, was the precursor to The Fourth Estate. Chatting to Lila’s grandmother, she told me about the five year-old’s comments on gender at school. I had my camera, so we quickly called her Mum to get permission to film and she gave us this gem.

The original version can be seen here.

Other short media documentaries that followed The Fourth Estate can be seen here, in the Identity Politics Series with Professor Olivia Guaraldo and Dr Dee O’Neill.

During the screenings of Injustice, Lee Salter became friends with Michael O’Brien and Claire Melville. Claire and Lee schemed to invite Michel to visit Shepton Mallet prison. Little did Michael know, but Lee was also there with his camera and Michael took the opportunity to tell his amazing story below.

After the screening at Bath Spa university, Emma Hetherington wrote a song for Injustice which you can see below.

Other short activist films, largely focusing on Palestine Solidarity and Solidarity Federation can be seen here. Charity films, including for Renewable World can be found here.